You as an individual will be at the centre of everything we do, with tailored programmes developed specificly to your needs to maximise success.

Psychological theory provides a basis for understanding thoughts, emotions and behaviour. Behaviour change theory allows us to consider why we do or do not carry out a certain behaviour, focusing on how a behaviour is carried out, who we would or would not perform it in front of and what is the best way to make a behaviour change last. These elements combined allow us to target particular areas in order to successfully change behaviour.

My work is evidence based. This means that I am guided by psychological theory which has been developed over many years of scientific research. Using evidence based techniques means that you have the greatest chance of making a successful change as we will be using methods that have been tried and tested over many years, by a vast number of scientists, with a whole range of different people.

I use psychological theory as a guide, helping to provide a framework for change. The theory employed for each individual that I work with will depend upon a number of factors, for example the behaviour in question, the situation surrounding the behaviour change and specific characteristics of the individual involved.